This book gives conservatives a weapon we've never had before -- a fast, easy way to hurt the"mainstream" media enough to make them change.

What You Can DO About Media Bias

How do we force them to change? We threaten their bottom line. We put thousands of letters on the desks of top decisions makers.This book give you names and mailing addresses of the heads of the FakeNews Networks, as well as the CEOs of their biggest advertisers; plus sample letters that can be used as-is, or as a starting point for delivering your own message. Targeted and easy.With all the options for communication today, a paper letter in a CEO's desk still packs the most punch.The big advertisers spend hundreds of thousands sponsoring TV news. What happens if we tell them they're wasting their money?

Church group? Parents' group? Tea Party group? College conservatives?

Now you can take the fight to TV news, TV programming, Hollywood, even your alma mater. This book shows you how.Conservative and religious Americans -- and people who simply support the president -- are ridiculed and ignored in the media every day. The attitude is "Who cares what they think? What can they do about it?" This is what we can do about it.